The Inn of Many Names

Things are falling into place! In the midst of a zealous remodel, we decided to beat the summer heat and take a trip to the Lyons Redstone Museum. After all, we had some exciting historical rumors about the Inn to confirm or quell. When it comes to the Inn, everyone's got a story:

"It was once owned by Doc Holliday!"

"Mrs. Paxton, who used to live there, had a collection of dolls. And she never let any little girls play with them."

"I heard it used to be a brothel."

Spending the afternoon elbow-deep in historic files, we can confirm that Doc Holliday passed away before the Inn was built. Similarly, there was no evidence that the building ever housed a brothel. The jury is still out on the dolls. 

The Museum trip wasn't all about squashing cool but untrue rumors--we also learned some good stuff! For a complete--or as close as we can get--history of the Festivarie Inn (formerly the Burlington Hotel, the Bloomfield Place, the Niles Hotel, and the Mountain View Hotel), head on over to our Historic page! Stay tuned: renovation photos coming soon!